Gerald’s Game

What is Gerald's Game about?

Gerald’s game is a horror film that has a unique story line. The story focuses on a married couple who try to excite their relationship by using handcuffs and role playing. However, after an unexpected heart attack from the husband, Jessie is left tied up to the bed. As a result of being tied to the bed for some time, Jessie experiences many psychological effects from dehydration, hunger, and withdrawal from medication. In addition to this, a serial killer is on the loose within the area, making the situation undoubtedly more unpleasant. How does she escape this situation? Does she even manage to do this? Watch the horror film Gerald’s game on Netflix to find out these answers.

What would horror lovers think about this film?

Overall, this film offers a great amount of suspense. The unsettling events that take place whilst she is tied up, is enough to make the audience feel very nervous for the protagonist and we ended up hoping ourselves that she could find a way to be set free. We are taken into this world fully, which can feel very uneasy at times. From moments such as her struggles with dehydration to having to come face to face with her potential death. Gerald’s game is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member to this service then you can watch it on there. It is also worth mentioning that this film has made it onto Eff Your Review’s best horror films on Netflix list. This movie was ranked 11 on this list.

Eff Your Review
Gerald's Game rating: 71%



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