Funny Games (2007)

What is Funny Games (2007) about?

Funny games (2007) is a horror / thriller film about two psychopathic boys, who find a family and put them through hell all night. They make a bet with them. This bet is that they believe the whole family will be dead by the morning, and the family bet that they will be alive. They find ways to physically and psychologically torture this family, and put them through as much of a nightmare as they can. It is clear that they take enjoyment from this. Do the family manage to escape these two crazy psychopaths though? Watch the horror /thriller film Funny Games (2007) to find out.

Would horror film lovers enjoy this film?

Funny games (2007) is a very twisted, psychological horror. Here at Eff Your Review, we found that the film was able to make the audience feel very uncomfortable, without needing jump scares, gore, or any of the other conventional horror methods. We understand that this film is a remake, from the original 1997 Funny Games Australian horror film though. Quite often a lot of films gets a bad reputation automatically by just being a remake in itself, but we do honestly feel that this remake was made well, and the film itself was good. It is additionally worth mentioning that Funny Games made it onto Eff Your Review’s Top 13 Horror Films about Serial Killers, at number 13! You can view more horror films like this, based on the fear associated with serial killers on this list. We think that you’ll enjoy the films on that list if this type of horror is what interests you.

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