Get Out

What is Get Out about?

The horror film Get Out, focuses on a boyfriend and girlfriend visiting the girl’s family. The boyfriend named Chris, is an African American and the girlfriend is a White American. Chris gets nervous about meeting his girlfriend’s family for the first time, and it turns out that he has every right to be. Right from the beginning of the visit, Chris notices that there are very little people with his skin colour. This soon becomes even more apparent, when we attends a garden party that is at the residents that he is staying at. At the garden party, he is warned by someone that he recognises that he needs to escape while he still can. What happens in the film manages to reference the slavery racism that was undergoing in America many decades ago, but brings in a new and creative horror approach to it.

Would horror lovers enjoy watching this film?

If someone were to tell us a few years back that Jordan Peele would be the Writer and Director of a horror film, we would have laughed. However, to our astonishment he has, and it was very well created. This film has everything that is needed to create a great horror. It has suspense, a brilliant story line, quality acting and the narrative itself is very creepy. If you love watching horrors, then you would be missing out if you haven’t seen Get Out. We feel that Jordan Peele has successfully marked his brand within the horror world. Great job!

Get Out is a horror film that is definitely worth a watch and quite possibly a re-watch if you are with friends. Jordan Peele has definitely done the horror community proud with this film.

Eff Your Review
Get Out rating: 84%





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