The Funhouse Massacre

What is The Funhouse Massacre about?

The Funhouse Massacre is a horror film that is about a group of psychopaths that all manage to escape from prison, with the help someone very close to them. These psychopaths then go on to pretend to be actors in a horror funhouse (on Halloween) but are actually killing the victims, instead of just scaring them. Of course, the customers’ don’t realise that they are not actors until it’s too late, but actually think they are all acting as characters at the horror funhouse. The question is though, even if the customers’ were honest about what was happening at the funhouse, would anyone believe them since it is on Halloween? The horror film The Funhouse Massacre is currently on Netflix right now, so if you are a member to this service then you can watch it there.

Would horror lovers enjoy watching this film?

The Funhouse Massacre is definitely what we’d have to call a “fun horror” film to watch. However, If you are obsessed with horror films like us here at Eff Your Review, then unfortunately you might not like this film. But, if you just want to have a laugh with some friends and feel like watching something fun, then this is definitely a good choice for you to check out. If you do watch this film, then you should not take it too seriously. That is because it is one of those horror films that are easy to break down and realise how silly the story is, but still quite fun to watch if you can ignore that. 




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