American Psycho

What is American Psycho about?

American Psycho is a thriller/ horror film that is based on a serial killer named Patrick Bateman. The horror film is set in New York and focuses on the many killings and psychopathic activities that Patrick gets up to. American Psycho starts of showing how Patrick Bateman’s killings are organised and hard to identify and ends with his urges for murder fully consuming him. This complete consumption of murder means that he struggles to control these urges in a way that lets him be methodical and cautious, and ends up giving in fully until he goes on a massive killing spree rampage. During the film, we are shown as to how Patrick Bateman thinks, how he is and how the psychopath can feel. Or lack of feel for better reference. This is definitely the type of film where the more times you watch it then the more you gain from it. Not just with the ideologies of psychopaths, but additionally the character developments. American Psycho is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member of this service then you can watch this thriller/ horror film there.

Would a horror film lover enjoy American Psycho?

American Psycho is widely loved by the honest depiction of how the psychopathic mind works; identifying the mask of sanity that psychopaths use to fit in with the public, whilst often feeling aggressive temperaments from within. We really do believe that every body who loves horror films, psychological films or thriller films has got to have seen American Psycho at least once in there life. This film is a must see for serial killer, horror film lovers. It is also worth mentioning that American Psycho is ranked number 2 on Eff Your Review’s Top 13 Horror Films about Serial Killers.

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American Psycho Rating: 91%



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