A Serbian Film

What is A Serbian Film about?

A Serbian Film is a horror film that is about a retired adult film star who goes back into work for one movie, however he soon realises that it is too much for him, and not the type of movie that he feels he can morally participate in. Is it too late for him to walk away from though, and will he be allowed to leave? A Serbian Film is not on Netflix, but you can get the film on Amazon. A Serbian Film has actually been banned in quite a few countries. This is a similar case to The Human Centipede. 

Would a horror film lover enjoy A Serbian Film?

A Serbian Film is a really interesting film to review, due to the infamous notoriety around it, very similar to the reputation that “The Human Centipede” received. When ignoring the film’s reputation though, and purely rating this film on a “horror” basis, it actually is quite a distressing film to watch, and most importantly it feels that to me this film is a recognisable stand point. For instance, you may ask a friend “Is it as messed up as A Serbian Film?” when talking about another horror film, in order to gain a reference as to what to expect. That being said, the scary parts of the film were basically due to the massive shock value in the disgust of many of the scenes, and other then the sickness of the film, it does not use any other methods of horror to make the film scary.

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A Serbian Film Rating: 58%



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