What is VHS about?

VHS is a horror film that is about a group of people who have to explore an abandoned house, in order to find a specific tape for someone. They end up finding many different VHS tapes, and what is on them is very strange indeed. These tapes show a collection of strange, chaotic and scary showing of footage. This includes footage of rooms in a property shape shifting and shrinking, vampire like women and overall somewhat demonic behaviour. Have they made a massive mistake by viewing these tapes? Watch the horror film VHS to find this out! This is the first of the two VHS films and the second one is named VHS 2. You can view the review of VHS 2 here.

Would horror lovers enjoy watching VHS?

VHS had a pretty cool concept, however the execution of it wasn’t the best. We did not enjoy this film, as the stories on the tapes were just too ridiculous. All of the concepts in VHS seemed to contain the same structure to them. This being, a strange or creepy series of events, followed by the person/ people who are filming freaking out over it. The events were just so unbelievable too, such as vampires. The worst part is, the vampire isn’t even explained as to why the woman is one, which just leaves the audience in a confused state.

There are a couple of creepy moments in the film, but overall, we feel that it was a bit of a let-down. If you were going to watch a horror film with this type of scare factor, then VHS 2 is a far better and a much better watch.

Eff Your Review
VHS rating: 43%



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