VHS 2 is a horror film that actually surprised us at how creepy some of the scenes were. The film is based on multiple different VHS tapes footage that were found in an abandoned building by two private investigators. These tapes range from suicide, ghosts and many other interesting incidences, some of which, are actually very creepy.

In term of jump scares, this film does not contain that many. In terms of gore, then at least one of the VHS tapes is definitely covers that area. In terms of overall creepiness of some of the tapes, then this film definitely covers that. There is one tape in specific, that shows a character who has a new eye that also records what he sees. He is told that sometimes there a glitches in the eye, that sometimes plays up and he can see things that aren’t there. He soon realises that this is more then just something that isn’t actually real.. Now, don’t get us wrong, this is a ridiculous story line for the tape, but holy shi*t its scary! We actually feel silly saying that it is scary, but it honestly is eerie and creepy as hell! 

Would horror film lovers enjoy VHS 2?

This VHS 2, we can definitely see the horror film lovers having mixed opinions. Most of us here found it scary, but some of the Eff Your Review team didn’t. Overall, we think you’ll enjoy it though, yes. The thing about this film is, there are many different tapes. Some of them are really scary and made us struggle to sleep at night, but others were like watching the Disney channel.

Eff Your Review
VHS 2 rating: 67%



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