Winchester (2018)

What is Winchester (2018) about?

Winchester is a horror film that focuses on the real-life story line of Sarah Winchester. Sarah Winchester continuously built more and more rooms in her house. A psychologist is hired to give Sarah Winchester an examination, to see if she is fit to continue running her half of her gun and ammunition business. He does a full examination of the house, as well as the mental state of Sarah Winchester, but what he finds out about everything at the house makes him question his own beliefs. What is it that he finds out though? Is Sarah Winchester crazy, or could there be a more logical reason as to the continuation of building in the house? Watch the Winchester to find out!

What would horror lovers think about this film?

Our predictions towards this film, was that it wasn’t going to be very good. The film itself looks terrible from the trailer, and we were expecting all of the jump scares to be cheap. But we honestly were wrong. The jump scares were actually really creative, and the film ran really smoothly. Of course, the film itself is massively over exaggerated from the reality of the Winchester house, which is why we’re sure most people were unhappy with it, but in terms of strictly horror, it was okay. A lot of horror lovers don’t like this film because of how unrealistic is it. We have to agree. We feel that same. But we will happily admit that the jump scares in this film were actually pretty good, which is something that we don’t say a lot. We wouldn’t watch the film again though, and it probably won’t be in anyone’s top ten horror films list.

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Winchester rating: 61%





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