US (2019)

What is US (2019) about?

The film US (Directed by Jordan Peele) is a horror film that is about a family who get their house broken into by another family who look identical to them. The family that broke into their house all have slight changes and they all ending up managing to escape and run away. They try to go into their neighbours house, but they soon realise that they may have not been the only family around them that has had identical others broken into. Has this happened to every family in America though, and what would that mean? Where did they all come from? Watch US (2019) to find out these answers!

Would horror lovers enjoy US (2019)?

US is Jordan Peele’s second horror film that he has directed. His first was called Get Out. This film genuinely has moments of complete suspense done very much correctly, but we feel that the mix of horror and comedy took away the intensity of the fear. The film is smart, and it will leave you needing to see it a few times to fully understand it. Unfortunately we did not like it as much as Get Out though. This is because of the unrealistic levels of the film, however this could be a personal preference. Overall, we would describe US as a pretty good horror film though, but you’ll definitely have to watch it yourself to make up your own opinion about this.

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US rating: 68%





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