The Strangers

What is The Strangers about?

The Strangers is a horror film that focuses on a couple named James and Kristen who go to a relaxing house away from anywhere to get away together. They have recently argued though about James wanting to marry Kristen, but Kristen having doubts. They receive a strange knock at the door in the middle of the night, which is from a girl asking if her friend is in the house. Her friend doesn’t live there though, as it is just the two people (couple) in the house at the time. They send her on her way, but soon realise that there are others like her who want to harm them. This is the first of the two Strangers films. The second one is named The Strangers: Prey At Night, and is currently on Netflix. You can view the review of the second Strangers film here.

What will horror lovers think about this film?

The Strangers was such an enjoyable horror film to watch. It’s the type of horror film that follows such a “typical” type story line. An alone couple with not much hope, defenceless in a house whilst some bad people trying to kill them, but we feel that it was actually done right. The villains were creepy as f*ck. This might be because of the aspect that this could, and has, happened before in real life adding to the eeriness of the film. Unfortunately, I feel that there could have been a “twist” in the plot somewhere to make it better, but overall, for 2008, this wasn’t half bad. We’d say this film is a pretty decent watch!

Eff Your Review
The Strangers rating: 64%



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