The Perfection

What is The Perfection about?

The Perfection is a horror film about two girls who have both studied from the same music school. Their teachers become infatuated with the idea of perfection within their musical performances, and have a zero tolerance for anything less. Of course, as you can imagine, this is not always achievable. Sometimes mistakes do happen, but their strict rules don’t come without horrific punishments in order to keep the musical artists on track with perfection. What could these punishments be though? How hard do they really push them towards perfection? Watch the horror film The Perfection to find out these answers. The Perfection is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member of this service then you can watch it on there.

What would a horror film lover think about The Perfection?

The Perfection feels like a mix between Velvet Buzzsaw and Black Swan, but with more fear added to the story line. The film has a number of story line twists, which we really thought really did the film justice. There are quite a few traumatic events that take place in this movie, and the way that the film is edited makes the audience as though we are going through the situation from the same perspective as the person suffering it. We would definitely suggest this as a really good film to watch. If you are a horror addict then you’ll definitively enjoy it.

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The Perfection rating: 81%



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