The House that Jack Built Review

What is The House that Jack Built About?

The House that Jack Built is a horror film that focuses on the life of a serial killer named Jack. The film bases his life into five randomly selected murders that he additionally expands on. These different murders become relevant elements into what makes Jack who he is. As you follow his story you start to understand the world inside his mind, as well as the factors as to how a true serial killer psychopath may think. The audience are additionally shown the rise and fall of the story line of this serial killer and how he takes excepting every step of the process. This film is not on Netflix, but you can currently watch it on Amazon.

What will a horror film lover think about The House that Jack Built?

This film is brilliantly filmed, edited, written and directed. The murders in this film are extremely graphic, and will make you feel uneasy. The film follows a philosophical dialogue, which questions if art can take place, even in the most brutal of environments, asking us, the audience many difficult questions into the path of pure evil behaviour. After watching this film for a second time now, we can honestly say that this film just gets better and better. The film’s portrayal of a psychopath is accurate, and the narrative that Jack goes down is fascinating. Even the level of narcissism that you can see Jack show signs of is very accurate of a true psychopath. If you love serial killer films, then this film is for you. 

We rated The House that Jack Built was rated 92%, and made it onto Eff Your Review’s Top 10 Horror Films List. 

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The House That Jack Built rating: 92%



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