The Open House

What is The Open House about?

The Open House is a horror film about a mother and a son who go to live at the mother’s sister’s spare house, as they can’t pay rent after the son’s father passes away. When they arrive at the new location, they meet some peculiar characters, and the house that they are living in is an open house on Sundays. Due to the nature of an open house, this means that people can go freely in and out on Sunday, but does this invite any unwanted people? What would happen if one of those people who entered on Sunday decided not to leave? Watch The Open House horror film to find out. This film is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member to this service then you can watch this film on there.

Will horror lovers enjoy this film?

This film has great acting, but is just not scary in the slightest. The only two jump scares are cheaper than a two for one discount, and they do not even lead to anything frightening. This movie had so much potential, but was a massive let down in our opinion. Horror fans would be seriously unimpressed. If you are a massive horror addict like us, then you can definitely go without watching this film. 

The Open House rating:



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