Lords of Salem

What is Lords of Salem about?

Lords of Salem is a horror film directed by Rob Zombie. The film is about a recovery drug addict, radio DJ, named Heidi that had received a record by a band named the “Lords”. The record changes her life, as she suffers from flash backs of the area’s terrible past. These flash back and hallucinations test her mental state, as she begins to not know what is real and what is fake. What are these strong hallucinations? Will she crack under their pressure? Watch the Lords of Salem horror film to find out these answers.

What will horror lovers think about this film?

We feel slightly controversial by saying that we actually enjoyed this film, but not as much as we enjoyed most of Rob Zombie’s other films. We felt that the storyline got quite ridiculous in this horror film that it slightly decreased its potential, but that is just our opinion. We additionally felt that the film itself wasn’t as scary as we had hoped, and wasn’t as “messed up” as it could have been, leaving it slightly disappointing as times. However, the film itself is a decent watch. We’re just very critical of Rob Zombie as we believe that he is a horror director with a lot of potential.

Eff Your Review
Lords of Salem rating: 62%



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