Come To Daddy

What is Come To Daddy about?

Come to daddy is a horror film about a guy (Elijah Wood) who has been invited to see his father that lives a long way away from home. He hasn’t seen his father since he was a kid, as he left when he was younger without saying goodbye. Once he gets to his father’s house, he soon realises that maybe his dad wasn’t as excited to see him as he thought he would be. They disagree about almost everything and he finds it very hard to even like his own Dad. His dad is also very secretive, and noises are obviously coming from parts of the house that is unseen. The frustration builds scene by scene within the two, until the paranoia of hatred starts to become apparent. Was it a good idea for him to visit his Dad? What could the Dad be hiding? Watch the horror film Come to daddy to find out these answers!

Would horror film lovers enjoy this film?

The horror film Come to Daddy is actually really good. It perfectly mixes the genre of comedy and horror together, creating a film that not only creeps you out, but also makes you laugh from time to time. We’re honestly kind of shocked that this film hasn’t received more attention that it has. The paranoia between the Dad and son within the first half of the film is so tense and you can’t help but to think about how horrid it would be to be in the son situation. Something happens in the story line where you feel that it can’t continue to be scary, but then out of no where the fear is continued and the story line is great again. Here at Eff Your Review we really liked Come to Daddy and we think that you will too.




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