The Influence (La Influencia)

What about The Influence (La Influencia) about?

The Influence is a horror film about a family who all gather at the dying Grandmother’s house, in order to hear about the news regarding her will. They soon remember all of the negative things that the woman did growing up though, and these memories are closely connected with her spirit living on. Some people in the family choose to ignore these older memories and simply move past them as though nothing had ever happened. Other’s in the amily can not forget though, and her memories live on through her. What are these memories though? What value does not letting go on them achieve? Watch The Influence (La Influencia) to find these answers out! This horror film is currently on Netflix, so if you own a Netflix membership then you will be able to watch it through there.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

This film does have quite an eerie vibe to it and if you watch it on your own it may make you feel a bit uneasy, but it is definitely the type of film where if you watch it in a group, you’ll get that one person going “I’m not even scared at this”. The film itself is a kind of creepy, but it doesn’t fully get where you want it to go. Not a bad watch, but nothing that will stick in our minds. If you enjoy watching horror films regularly, then The Influence (La Influencia) is the type of horror film that you can put on whilst your eating your dinner, or as something interesting to watch while working from home. But unfortunately, it would not make it close to the Eff Your Review’s top 10 horror films list.

Eff Your Review
The Influence rating: 58%



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