The Basement

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What is The Basement about?

The Basement is a horror film about a wealthy guy who goes to the stop, but gets kidnapped on the way back to his car. His Wife is worried, and calls the police when he doesn’t come home. She additionally suspects that he may be cheating on her too, which makes her unsure as to what could be happening. The kidnapper, who is a serial killer, takes on many different personality traits and he shows these in different stages of the murder process towards the victim. How does this all link up with everyone in the story though? Does the victim manage to escape the situation in each he has found himself in? Watch it to find out! This film is currently on Netflix, so if you have a Netflix membership then you can watch it on there!

Would horror lovers enjoy The Basement?

The Basement felt really slow to watch, and a couple of the characters felt a bit cringy when being displayed, which in a horror film doesn’t often work well. There wasn’t really a part in the film that felt scary when watching this either, as there was no suspense built up to show the kidnapped character’s true fear that he was supposed to be experiencing. The story line itself does have a twist at the end though, but it was shown so fast in just a few lines that it didn’t give off the maximum effect that we felt it could have. If you are passionate about horror movies, then you can probably go without seeing this one. The story line could have be achieved a hell of a lot better, but unfortunately, instead it just came across quite tacky and uninteresting to watch. Have a watch yourself though, and let us know how you felt about the film on our social media channels!

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The Basement rating: 39%



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