The Descent

What is The Descent about?

The Descent is a horror film that focuses on a group of women who became friends over the love of being adrenaline junkies. Sometime after a tragic loss, one of the girls named Sarah decides to join her friends in an exploration of a cave, however, they soon realise that this is not the cave that they originally thought they were in. One of the girls ends up leading them to an unexplored cave. She does not do this with bad intentions though, as she just thinks that it will be a lot funner if they don’t know their way around. This is until things get nasty. The girls found out that they don’t know where they are going, but they additionally realise that they are not alone in this cave. What could there be in this large cave with them? Watch The Descent horror film to find this out!

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

This film is honestly an incredible horror. This film is genuinely everything that you want a horror film to be. The jump scares are petrifying, the creatures are brutally savage, and the gore is just perfect. We would seriously suggest to any horror film lover to watch this movie. So to answer the quest ‘would horror lovers enjoy this film?’ Yes. Absolutely!

Eff Your Review
The Descent rating: 93%



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