The Devil’s Candy

What is The Devil's Candy about?

The Devil’s Candy is a horror film that focuses on two narratives. One about a struggling artist who becomes possessed and is able to create breath taking paintings through this. Another is about a strange man who needs to block out the sounds in his mind by any means necessary. He doesn’t mind if these methods to block out the sound meaning hurting others, or getting in the way of anybody. All he knows is that he doesn’t want to hear these sounds, as they are becoming more and more unpleasant. Both of the two lives end up colliding in the strangest of ways. What are these ways we hear you asking? Watch The Devil’s Candy to find this out.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

The Devil’s Candy is such a beautiful masterpiece within the horror film community. That is what they thought thought roughly 95% of the film. The remaining 5% unfortunately made us say “oh dear, what a pity. So close to hitting that masterpiece level!”. This film would have received anywhere around the 90% mark, however, unfortunately the ending was just so unrealistic, and seemed very unbelievably cheesy, meaning that we have to lower the rating. However, even including the ending, this is still a great horror film to watch, and will leave you not wanting to walk alone at night for a long time! If the ending hadn’t been the way that it was though, it could have easily made itself into Eff Your Review’s top 10 horror films list. 

Eff Your Review
The Devil's Candy rating: 81%



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