What is Jaws about?

Jaws is a very popular horror film that was created in 1975. In Jaws, the Police Chief and the Mayor have conflict over deciding if they should close the town beaches, after a shark attack killed a young women skinny dipping. What happens when people volunteer to go after the shark? 

Would horror lovers enjoy watching this film?

Jaws is a classic horror film, but not a typical horror that relies on the supernatural or serial killers, but the reality of nature vs man.  We believe this horror film remains current in today’s society. Even after all these years, people still don’t want to jump straight into the sea after watching this film. Jaws uses great editing for its age and builds great tension to help further develop the story line. For an older horror film, Jaws is still one of the only believable shark films realised. We feel films such as Jaws, as well as other classics (such as Psycho, The Birds) that are still able to scare it’s viewers 50 years later are impressive in our books. Good job Steven Spielberg. You have made an awesome film!

Eff Your Review
Jaws rating: 71%





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