Terrifier (2016)

What is Terrifier (2016) about?

Terrifier is a horror film about a crazed clown named Art the Clown that tortures victims on the night of Halloween. His victims are three girls who do not know what they have got themselves in for until it is too late. Do they manage to escape Art the Clown? How cruel are his torture methods? Watch the horror film Terrifier (2016) to find out these answers! 

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Terrifier takes the basic horror theme of “crazy killer clown” and actually makes it really good. There is no talking from the clown, which I feel makes the film scarier, as the victims can’t win him over through words. We were worried when watching this film, that the murders would be quick, making the suspense very much minimal, but we were so wrong. There are several murders where the suspense has been built up incredibly successfully, with a torturous climax for the viewer. Definitely the type of film to hide under a pillow, eating popcorn nervously to! We really do think that you will like this horror film if you are interested in the classic horror style of villain chasing the victims. This is certainly the best “scary clown” type horror film that we have seen in a very long time, and the torture scene are seriously messed up, making Art the Clown one hell of a scary character to fear.

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Terrifier 76%



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