The Autopsy of Jane Doe

What is The Autopsy of Jane Doe about?

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a horror film that is about a Father and Son (who are coroners) that have been assigned to investigate the dead body of a woman named Jane Doe. They soon realise that this body is very unusual, whilst odd events unravel around them that night. To make matters even stranger, the coroners are unable to place their finger on what it is that her body is telling them. There is a huge storm outside the building that they are in, meaning that they are unable to escape. They are tempted to escape due to the crazy and scary events that are happening there though, but will they be able to? Watch The Autopsy of Jane Doe horror film to find out these answers! 

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Here at Eff Your Review, we went into this film with quite low expectations. This is because the story line seemed so predictable, but we were so, so wrong. This is actually a really well put together horror film, and there is certainly a lot of suspense that is well executed. We can’t go higher then the percentage that we gave it though unfortunately, just because the story line itself is too unrealistic, but as a “fun” horror film, this ticks a lot of boxes! Horror lovers could probably use this as a horror film to get their friends into horror, without scaring them too much. A really great watch! We think you’ll enjoy it.

Eff Your Review
The Autopsy of Jane Doe rating: 71%



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