Slenderman (2018)

What is Slenderman (2018) about?

Slenderman is a horror film about four girl friends that try to go online to summon the Slenderman into their lives at a sleep over. They soon realise that this was not a good idea, as what they wish for actually comes true. They all start to notice that the slenderman is getting closer and closer to them, but are they able to escape him? How bad is the situation? Will they be able to escape the Slenderman in the end? Watch the Slenderman horror film to find this out.

What would a horror lover think about this film?

This film is a joke to the horror genre. Slenderman has one jump scare, which is then massively ruined with ten-year-old editing after it. The story line isn’t scary at all and even the jump scare is a let down. The only reason why people have seen this film is because of the original game; Slenderman, which is far scarier than this terribly unscary movie. Horror film lovers can 100% miss watching this one. We thought that maybe the Slenderman film might be good, because the game used to scare the shi*t out of us when playing it, but we were unfortunately so wrong. This film is closer to a comedy than a horror. This might actually be the lowest percentage in a horror film that we have ever given on Eff Your Review. If you have played the Slenderman video game online and you are tempted to watch the film, don’t. It will ruin the image that you have for Slenderman forever.

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