What is Smiley about?

The horror film Smiley, is about a serial killer named Smiley, who gets summoned when someone says “I did it for the lolz” three times in a chat room when speaking to a random person. Smiley then comes to life behind them and kills them live on camera for the person watching. One student is caught in the middle of Smiley’s games when she gets involved with the wrong crowd. How will she cope with a serial killer trying to take her out? Watch the horror film Smiley to find this out!

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

We were quite shocked when we watched this horror film. Not because Shane Dawson was in it (which was very strange to see), but at how ridiculous the story line was. Sometimes horror films have a ludicrous story line, but they manage to pull it off and make a silly story actually scary. Unfortunately though, this was not one of those films. This horror film is just a joke to the horror genre. The story line is weak, the horror is basically non-existent and the script is just comical. If you love horror films, you can give this one a miss.

Smiley rating:



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