What is Sinister about?

Sinister is a horror film about a crime writer named Ellison Oswald, who is eager to write another popular book. He ends up finding a story of families that were murdered, and decides to move into the house it all begin and write about it. Was this a mistake though? What does he find out about these families that were murdered? Watch Sinister to find out these answers!

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

The film itself isn’t a bad horror film. Sinister will definitely make you jump at times, but unfortunately the jump scares are not backed up with anything good after. An example of this is that one of the jump scares is literally just the horror villain coming on the screen suddenly. However, it doesn’t even make sense as to why he is there. We felt that Sinister was a horror film that had a lot more hype around it then it deserved. Is it a bad horror film? No. There are so many worse horror films to watch then this one. Would it get into our top 10 horror films list though? Definitely not. There are a couple of really scary jump scares, in the sense that the jump scares will make you jump, but other then that the film is not scary. The story line isn’t too great, and the villain isn’t creepy enough within the story to keep you up for nights on end.

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Sinister rating: 62%



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