Sinister 2

What is Sinister 2 about?

Sinister 2 is a horror film that  is about a family who move around (in order to avoid the abusive Dad). They end up moving to a farmhouse, where the two twin boys (Dylan and Zach) encounter ghost like children who encourage them to watch violent footage of them killing their families, and then manage to prompt one of the twins to attempt this on their family. Do Dylan and Zach end up giving into the urges of the children? How manipulative are they? Watch the horror film Sinister 2 to find this out! This film is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member of this service then you can watch this film there.

What would horror lovers think about this film?

Sinister 2 is definitely the type of horror film that you can put on in front of your partner, to act like horror films don’t scare you. The film just isn’t scary. The jump scares are beyond predictable, and there is no background story to the evil villain. It just felt like we were watching such a generic horror film where nothing was shocking. We were really disappointed by this horror film, especially as it managed to build such a strong reputation within the horror genre of film. If you love horror films, then you can definitely go without watching this film.

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