Our House

What is Our House (2018) about?

Our House (2018) is a horror film about a mechanical devise that is able to bring back the spirits from the dead. The only problem is, that this doesn’t just affect the people in the household. This also effects neighbours throughout the street. The spirits become more and more real, until they are visible by the human eye. After they get in contact with the afterlife, they realise that maybe these spirits aren’t what they originally thought. This of course effects people differently, as for the most part these spirits appear to be the image of people that they most loved. However, they aren’t the real versions of them, and some of the changes cannot be unchanged. What could these changes be? How will they make the spirits return? Watch the horror film Our House (2018) to find out these answers. Our House is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member of this service then you can watch it there.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

When watching Our House (2018), you sort of get the vibe that it is more of an interesting story that has slightly creepy moments. It can be quite hard to review these types of films, because it wasn’t exactly a bad watch, but we honestly wouldn’t count it as a horror. In all fairness though, on Netflix it claims the age rating is “Teen”, which makes sense. If you are going to watch Our House, then we’d suggest not going into it expecting to be scared (if you are a horror addict). However, if you want to watch a somewhat interesting film whilst you’re eating dinner or just hanging out and bored then this’ll probably be something you might enjoy.


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