Tell Tale Heart – Short Film

What is Tell Tale Heart - Short Film about?

Tell Tale Heart is a Short Horror Film Directed by McClain Lindquist in 2020 adapted by an Edgar Allan Poe written piece. The short film is about a narcissistic psychopath who looks after and cares for an older man at his mansion. The old man cares deeply about his carer, however something dark within the mind of his carer isn’t able to return the same amount of love back. The carer experiences deep paranoia and suffering about the old man’s eye, which only grows stronger and stronger. What happens in this mansion behind closed doors? Could anyone be in any damager? Watch the Tell Tale Heart Short Horror Film to find out!

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Yes! We have seen hundreds of horror films, but this one blew us away. The jump scares were used appropriately, the suspense was correctly built up and the cinematography was breath-taking. If you love horror films you are going to want to see the Tell Tale Heart Short Film. One issue that we have found with this short film is that we felt that it could have been a little bit longer. There are only a number of short films that we have felt this way towards, so that is certainly a compliment rather then a complaint. The paranoia that was shown within the main character could have been stretched out and if this was a full-length film then we can imagine that being a fascinating part. To show this level of anxiety building until the final breaking point. Other then that, we truly loved it! We can not wait to see more of the work directed by McClain Lindquist in the future. In short, the Tell Tale Heart was petrifying! A bloody horror ride that you’re going to want to take!

Tell Tale Heart – Short Film is currently not out yet, but is set to be realised in 2020 and sent off to film festivals first. You can find out more about it on their website or by clicking here.


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