Orphan (2009)

What is Orphan (2009) about?

Orphan is a horror film that involves a couple who go to an orphanage, in order to find themselves a child that they desperately want. After they find themselves the right new member for their family, they soon notice that their orphan daughter is showing very strange behaviour patterns, which only grow stronger and stronger. She begins to act out around the other kids in her school as well as showing signs of her being a serious problem towards the family and her social settings. She causes a divide between her two new parents, making the family house life hard to live in. How far will the orphan go with her terrible behaviour? Watch the horror film Orphan to find this out.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Orphan is not a very scary horror film. However, the film itself was made well, but with a massive Hollywood budget then that is what you would expect. This film screams “Hollywood horror film” and was definitely not a horror film that horror addicts will enjoy very much. The jump scares are cheap, and the story line just is not scary. The orphan herself is just a bit psycho, and that is basically the films horror. Simply her behaviour getting worse and worse, more and more violent until an eventual plot twist. Which admittedly is pretty creepy, in the sense that if it happened in real life it would be pretty scary. This film is entertaining though, and if you are new to watching horror films you might get pretty scared, but not a good horror film overall to watch if you are a horror addict.

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Orphan (2009) rating: 53%



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