Horror movie reviews, horror articles and all things scary.

Horror movie reviews, horror articles and all things scary.

What is Paranormal Activity about?

A couple (Micah and Katie) move into a new home, but soon on start to believe that there is some kind of strange paranormal activity going on in the house. They decide to set up cameras around the house in order to document what is happening, and then to watch the footage back to check.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

No. Paranormal Activity is truly (in our opinion) one of the worst horror films ever made. The storyline, the frustrating camera style, the worlds cheapest jump scares and the awkward acting all add up to make a horror film that if your friends tells you is scary, you should never have a convocation with them about horror ever again. The film is so unrealistic as well. We had to watch this film twice too. Once for when we first saw it, and again for before writing this review, and that was two times too many. If you love horror films, or hate them, you can avoid watching this film.

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