My Friend Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer is a thriller/ horror film that focuses on the upbringing of the infamous serial killer named Jeffrey Dahmer. The film shows his childhood life, including his home life, his school life,  his social life as well as the beginning of his fantasies. My friend Dahmer manages to show an angle on serial killers that hasn’t been shown many times before. This new creative angle almost brings a level of empathy towards the serial killer, as well as an understanding into his mind and how it was that he became the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer. If you want to know more about him, and his story, make sure to watch the thriller/ horror film named My Friend Dahmer. 

Eff Your Review's View on My Friend Dahmer

The most interesting thing about this film, is that it humanises the serial killer. By this, we mean that it literally forces us to understand his childhood, and many of the incidents that made him the brutal killer that he became going into adulthood. We were in suspense for a long time whilst waiting to see this film, and upon release when we had the chance to see it we were surely not disappointed.

My Friend Dahmer does an excellent job at making the audience sympathise with Jeffrey Dahmer, and almost make us understand his truly outrageous, twisted emotions. This is by really giving an honest and gritty view into his home life, school life and social life. This is definitely a film that we would recommend to any serial killer fanatic out there.

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My Friend Dahmer rating: 87%



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