Mum and Dad (2008)

What is Mum and Dad (2008) about?

Mum and Dad (2008) is a horror film about an employee named Lena that is working at Heathrow Airport, when her friend “Birdie” asks her if she wants to come to their house for dinner. When she comes round, she soon finds out that not everything is as seems with the family in this house. She gets knocked out, and wakes up in a room with two doors. A man and woman come in, addressing themselves as Mum and Dad, and that they will be looking after her now. She learns not to try and escape, as they react to this by torturing and violence towards the children in the house if they attempt this. The children are chained to their beds at night and are not allowed to go anywhere without the parents knowing. How will they escape this hell though? Do they even attempt to knowing the serious consequences? Watch the horror film Mum and Dad to find out these answers!

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Mum and Dad (2008) is the type of horror film that makes a mark. The horror film itself has a terrifying concept, which portrays horror through entrapment, gore and cruelty. This is certainly a horror that will make you grateful for the family that you currently have.. Well hopefully anyway. After watching this horror film, it stayed on our minds for quite a few days. The grittiness of the torture within the family and household is so brutally disturbing that it massively stands out within the horror movie community. We were just shocked that not that many people had heard of the film! 

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