Mercy Black

What is Mercy Black about?

Mercy Black is a horror film that is about group of young children who go out into a forest and murder one of their friends as a sacrifice. This is a sacrifice to a creature named Mercy Black. Mercy Black is one of the urban legends that you hear about, such as the Boogy Man or the Slender Man. Fifteen years after the murderer has been in a mental hospital, she is finally released into the world. She stays with her sister and her nephew. Her sister’s boyfriend is obsessed with serial killers, and finds it hard to stop himself asking her questions about Mercy Black and the murder that took on that night. This is towards the point of obsession though, which we are soon given the understanding as to why it all is. The main character starts to realise though, that maybe she wasn’t imagining Mercy Black. She starts to see her again and again, and decides that it is time to get some real answers. Mercy Black is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member to this service then you can watch it there.

Would horror film lovers enjoy this film?

There are moments in this film where we really do believe that horror film lovers will enjoy, but we just felt that there were times in this film where it just went from being a brilliant horror film to such an unrealistic one that we felt brought down the rating. For the most part of this film we thought it was a great horror movie, until it got heavily unrealistic. We feel that sometimes the story line is scarier when we don’t know if the boogy man is real. Almost by the fact that it could be real is scarier then seeing it, if the image doesn’t manage to live up to the fear that we originally thought it would be portrayed as. Unfortunately, that’s how we feel about Mercy Black.


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