What is B.T.K. about?

B.T.K is a horror film about the infamous serial killer named Dennis Radar, who got the B.T.K. name by his methods of murdering. These being to bind, torture and kill. The movie examines the charismatic nature of a serial killer, and shows exactly how he was able to become high up in the church, whilst continuing his impulsive nature to kill. It additionally gives some insight into the cravings that serial killers may experience, and how in this specific case, he tried everything that he could to stop these cravings before they took over him. Showing it from his own perspective is something that horror films very rarely do.

Would horror film lovers enjoy this film?

We personally loved watching the B.T.K horror film, but only because we find serial killer horrors entertaining. If you are not much of a serial killer horror fan, then this movie probably isn’t for you. However, if this genre of horror is something that you enjoy, then you’ll most likely really enjoy it. B.T.K offers a perspective of being a serial killer that most of these types of films don’t give, which is why we liked it so much. This was very interesting, as the B.T.K serial killer is such a high scale psychopath, but the angle of showing how he doesn’t actually want to kill, but can’t find anything else to cover those cravings is fascinating. We could not find this horror film on Netflix, but it is currently on Amazon Prime, so if you are a member to prime then you can watch it there. The link is just below. It is also worth mentioning that this film has made it to number 12 on our top 13 horror films about serial killers list.


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