Killing Ground

What is Killing Ground about?

Killing Ground is an Australian horror film about a couple who go away on a camping trip to escape for a short while. Whilst on this trip, they see that there is a family there too, but during the first two days they don’t actually see the family in the tents, meaning that they have either possibly become lost on their way back, or that no one is there anymore. As they are heading back to their car to find some items, they find a toddler that is wondering around the area alone. This child is alone in the camp, and they can’t seem to find his family. A hunter finds them, but we soon start to realise that maybe he doesn’t want to help them find the toddlers family, but do the same to this new couple that him and his friend did the toddlers. Are the couple in danger? What was it that they did to the previous family? Watch the horror film Killing Ground to find out these answers.

Would horror film lovers enjoy this film?

Killing Ground was one of those films that felt quite painful to watch. This is because 100% of the horror in the film is from the sadistic nature of the two men who hurt and sexually abuse the families that they find. At times there were elements of feeling hopeless for the couple, as well as the family before them, but overall it wasn’t scary enough to be considered a brilliant horror film. However, we definitely won’t be going camping in a long time, because this film certainly puts you off doing that! Unless you are interested in sadistic, murdering type horror films, then this movie would definitely not be for you.


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