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Horror movie reviews, horror articles and all things scary.

What is Mama (2013) about?

Mama is about a tragic story where two young girls who were taken to an abandoned cabin by their father who was planning to kill his children and then commit suicide. This is because their mother died. Before he could succeed with murdering his children, a ghost ‘Mama’ killed him and looked after the children in the cabin. 5 years later the 2 girls where found alive after years of their uncle searching. However, they were feral due to being isolated from society all the of those years and learning to defend for themselves.

Would horror lovers enjoy Mama (2013)?

The horror film was well written, and the children were great actors in portraying feral and abandoned children. The story was like being on a creepy emotional rollercoaster, which was able to make its audience scared, happy and sad. As a film I would have rated it a lot higher, but as a Horror movie, it made me feel more upset then scared. That is why the rating could not be higher.

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Mama (2013) rating: 57%



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