Level 16

What is Level 16 about?

Level 16 is a horror /thriller film about an isolated building that keeps many young girls in. Each floor in this building is a different level of the place, and after each time a girl gets accepted to the next floor she is then moved up. They are strictly taught to behave themselves, with no exceptions to this rule. This means taking their vitamins every day, sitting correctly and being entirely obedient. They are told by the doctor and a superior (who is in charge) that if they completely behave themselves to the highest standard, then they will get picked by a loving family who will want them and treat them right. But what are they doing in this building anyway? Are they really going to get picked by a loving family? Why are they being held in this building and are they able to even get out? Watch Level 16 to find out! This film is currently on Netflix.

Would horror film lovers enjoy watching Level 16?

This film is genuinely really interesting from start to finish. The plot twists and the story line surprises are incredible and the film gets very dark, very fast. Here at Eff Your Review, when we were watching Level 16 we were worried that it would end up having a PG type ending or twist, but it ended up going down a really twisted story line that also made perfect sense with what happens. Would horror film lovers enjoy watching Level 16? Yes. We believe so. However, it isn’t your typical type of horror film. There are no jump scares, however the story line and the understanding of the characters paranoia is what makes it scary. We’d suggest to check it out if you get a chance.






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