What is Eli about?

Eli (2019) is a horror film about a family who are trying their best to look after their son (whose name is Eli) as he has an auto-immune disorder. This disorder means that he can’t allow his skin to have any contact with oxygen, meaning that he has to wear a large, sealed up air costume all of the time, and sleep in an oxygen protected tent. His parents are very worried about him, so they decide to take him to the only place that they suspect could help him. This is a hospital that specialises in this rare case of the auto-immune disorder that Eli has. The only problem is, when they finally get him to this hospital he is not showing many signs of recovery. He beginnings having incredibly realistic hallucinations whilst at the hospital, which only get worse in the time that he is there. Will he recover? What will happen to Eli? Will he be okay? Watch it to find out these answers!

Would horror lovers enjoy watching Eli?

Eli is definitely not what we expected. The film has one of the strangest twists that we have ever seen in a horror film. A lot of the reviews were not happy with this, but then again, a lot of reviewers don’t even actually enjoy watching horror films… The truth is that here at Eff Your Review, we felt that the film itself was actually pretty good. The twist was crazy, but we thought it was such a unique twist that we couldn’t help but to enjoy it. Overall, we definitely feel that this is one of those horror films that are going to have mixed reviews, but all we can say is that we liked it. Let us know on social media if you liked it to! This film is currently on Netflix.


Eli horror film review

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