I Am Not A Serial Killer

What is I Am Not A Serial Killer about?

I am not a serial killer is a horror /thriller film about a teenage boy who is growing up in high school. He, as well as his close family and friends are aware that he has the same mental state and characteristics of a typical serial killer. He struggles to feel empathy, he is fascinated by gore and works at a job involving him cutting up dead bodies, which doesn’t bother him one bit. With the knowledge of his characteristics, what would this mean though if there was a number of murders in his town? Would the people suspect it to be him? Would he be capable of something like this? Watch I am not a serial killer to find out these answers!

Would horror lovers enjoy I Am Not A Serial Killer?

The horror film, I am not a serial killer is a really interesting film to review. This is because it doesn’t follow traditional values that most horror films do. They do not focus on jump scares, but purely the story line in trying to make the audience feel how the characters do. This is more of a “coming of age”- type film, but with psychopaths and the story line is quite an interesting one to follow. If you are obsessed with serial killers, then you’ll probably enjoy this film, as there are quite a few mentions of killers such as Ted Bundy and many more. Additionally, if you liked the film My Friend, Dahmer then you’ll definitely love this film, as it has very similar traits to it. But if this is not the type of horror topic that you like to follow, then we’d definitely suggest watching something else. I am not a serial killer is a pretty good film, but only if serial killer/ mystery type horror / thriller films are something that peeks your interest. Would horror film lovers enjoy watch this film? We believe so, since most of us are freaks anyway! But we’re proud of this!






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