IT Chapter 2

What is IT Chapter 2 about?

IT Chapter 2 (2019) is a horror film, that is the second of the IT movies made. The film takes part 27 years after the first film, where all of the main children from the first film are all grown up. We are able to see how they have changed over the years, and what industry of work that they all have each individually gone into. All but one of the group of friends have moved away from Derry, and struggle greatly to remember what happened all that time ago. This is until the one that stayed (Mike Hanlon) is able to remind them all what happened. This is because he never left Derry and therefore is able to remember everything. All but one of the groups returns, as they know something important, which scares them all greatly, may have possibly returned.

Would horror lovers enjoy watching IT Chapter 2?

IT Chapter 2 felt like a little bit of a let-down. This is only in terms of “horror” though. The film itself is a great film, but it just wasn’t really very scary at all. Since the main villain in the film is supposed to take a form of the victims deepest, darkest fears, it massively fails to make the audience scared though. There was one scene (to do with an old lady) that was kind of scary, but other then that, we just felt that we were watching a fantasy, light thriller, made for a kid type of film. IT (2017) was a film that was genuinely so gripping, and also really unexpectedly scary. IT: Chapter 2 (2019) is unfortunately a film that we expected to be a brilliant horror film, but just ended up not delivering as much as we’d hoped. Is IT: Chapter 2 worth a watch? Yes. Both of the IT films are. But is it one of the scariest films we’ve seen in a while? Unfortunately, not.






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