Three From Hell

What is Three From Hell about?

Three from hell is a horror film that is the third film in the Rob Zombie horror trilogy. The first being House of 1000 Corpses, second being The Devils Rejects, and the third of course, being this one. This film focuses on the escape of Baby and Otis from prison, with help from Otis’s half-brother Foxy. After escaping from prison, the three live life on the run. They all get themselves into crazy events, involving murder, kidnapping, and incredibly sadistic behaviour. What do they get up to in these events though? Do they manage to outrun the law? Watch Three from hell to find out!

Would horror film lovers enjoy Three From Hell?

We always say this at Eff Your Review, but we know we have a massive bias when it comes to Rob Zombie’s horror films, especially this trilogy in specific. We definitely believe that this film was the fun-ist to watch out of the three. This film uses sadistic, dark comedy in making it even more entertaining, and has such a less serious vibe to it in comparison to the previous two. The references to how the public in the film react to the serial killers when they are locked up is so similar to the history of Ted Bundy’s and the Charles Manson family’s prison reaction past too, which got us gripped from the start. If this is the final movie of the three, then it certainly ended well. It goes without saying though, that you shouldn’t watch this film without seeing the previous two, as they all continue from one another. If you are a fan of serial killer/ sadistic / dark comedy type horror films then this is definitely the type of film that you’ll enjoy. The first two are definitely a lot more purely sadistic, without the comedy behind it, but we can’t help but to think that the comedy aspect gave it that edge that it was previously missing! Great job Rob Zombie, you’d done Eff Your Review proud!






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