It (2017)

What is IT (2017) about?

The film IT (2017) is a horror film about a shape shifting evil clown who targets the area’s children every 27 years. This creature can transform into your greatest fears. It is up to a group of friends who’s nick named ‘The Loser Club’ to do something about this to stop it. Once they are fully aware of the evil shape shifting clown (named Pennywise), they do everything that they can to eliminate him. Do the loser club succeed in this? How strong is Pennywise? Watch the horror film IT (2017) to find this out. This film is a remake from the first IT film that was made, which is a film created from the 1986 horror book IT, written by Steven King.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

IT (2017) seriously surprised us. We were not expecting anything nearly as frightening as what we saw when watching this film. If you are a horror lover, then you have got to watch this movie! This is a must see! We honestly just presumed that it would not be scary because IT (2017) is such a mainstream and popular horror movie that everyone went to see. In terms of the movie though, the creatures that Pennywise turns into are serially eerie and scary, making us feel the same fear as the loser club. For so long we haven’t watched a horror film that has actually stayed with us afterwards in a creepy way, but somehow IT (2017) actually has. The reason why we originally doubted the film, is that sometimes massively high budgeted, Hollywood- type horror films sometimes just don’t hit the level that we are after, but IT definitely did. 

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It (2017) rating: 85%



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