Insidious: Chapter 3

What is Insidious: Chapter 3 about?

Insidious Chapter 3 is a horror film that is based before the first two Insidious films. The film is based around a girl named Quinn who tries to contact the dead in order to talk to her Mother who passed away. The only problem with this is, when you try to talk one dead person, they can all hear you. This means that on the way into the paranormal world, she attracts all of the ghosts, not just her Mother. Does she attract some of the spirits that she wished she didn’t? Quinn ends up having to seek a paranormal expert in order to help her as she is worried that she has contacted the wrong spirits. It turns out that she is right. How bad are the spirits that she has contacted though? Will she find her Mother in the end? Watch the Insidious Chapter 3 horror film to find out these answers! 

What would horror lovers think about this film?

Oh my word, was I shocked when I watched this film. This film was by far the scariest of all of the Insidious films. I’ve literally seen well over a hundred horror films now, and I always watch them loud, with the lights off or dimmed, but those jumped scared made me run a mile. The story line itself wasn’t particularly scary, which is why we can’t rate this film higher then 80%, but seriously those jump scares were incredible. We honestly never thought that we would be rating an Insidious film this highly before, but this one seriously did hit the mark. Let us know what you thought of it on our social media! 

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Insidious: Chapter 3 rating: 80%



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