What is Insidious about?

Insidious is a horror film that is about a family that move in to a new house, as there was a strange, unexplainable incidence that occurred at their previous house before. They soon find out that these ghostly incidences are not connected to the houses that they are at though. This is because the paranormal experiences that they are going through is actually attached to their son. How do they get rid of this? How dangerous are these spirits to them? Watch the horror film Insidious to find out! This film is currently available to watch on Netflix, so if you are a member of this service then you can watch the film on there.

What would horror lovers think about this film?

We feel that Insidious reminds us of eating bread when you’re hungry. It will stop you being hungry, but it isn’t a luxury, and you wouldn’t go around telling people that you just ate bread. Watching Insidious (2011) will give you a few decent jump scares, but the story line itself is not exactly scary. We definitely feel that this may because it is so unrealistic that it can only be reviewed as a fun horror film to watch when you have your partner round or a few friends over. In a situation such as that then we can see this film going down well, but if you are an avid horror film lover, and have seen a lot of horror films before, then this film is probably something that won’t exactly keep you up at night with fear.

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Insidious rating: 61%



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