Incident in a Ghostland

What is Incident in a Ghostland about?

The horror film named Incident in a Ghostland is about two young girls and their Mother, who were involved in a horrific incident as their house, involving two intruders with a large amount of physical and emotional violence. Sixteen years later, the film shows how one of the daughters (who is now a successful author with a vivid imagination) returns to the house to see unspeakable acts of horrors. This film will have your mind turned around, with nothing left but the hope for a happy ending. Will this happy ending ever come though? Watch the Incident in a Ghostland horror film to find out.

What would horror lovers think about this film?

When you have seen as many horror films as us, it is rare that you find horror films truly scary, but this film truly shocked us as to how petrifying the film actually was. At a first glance, you might quite easily overlook this film when searching for a new horror movie to watch, but that would be a huge, gigantic mistake. This film was brilliant in building confusion within the main character, as well as the audience to match her emotions. Truly incredible and a must see! We enjoyed watching this horror film so much that it is ranked 2 on Eff Your Review’s Top 10 Horror Films list. Additionally, number one on our list was created by the exact same director! If you are a horror movie fanatic, then you will not be disappointing when watching this film. Just remember who to thank when you can’t sleep without the lights on for a week!

Eff Your Review
Incident in a Ghostland rating: 96%



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