What is Hush about?

The horror film named Hush is about a deaf writer living in a house in the woods. She soon realises that somebody is watching her as she is alone in her house. This person has no plans of leaving her alone, but instead wants to kill her. She realises that she is the victim of a home invasion by a psychopath who gets enjoyment from murder. Can she escape him, even with her disadvantage of not being able to hear him? How will she manage to escape him if she did? Will anyone come to help out? Watch the horror film Hush to find this out. Hush is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member of that service then you can watch it through there.

What would horror film lovers think about Hush?

If you are a horror lover, then this may not be the type of film that you will love. The film is definitely entertaining though, as using jump scares to add fear, however it is certainly the type of horror film that “normal” film lovers will find scary rather then a horror addict. The film itself didn’t really disappoint, but unfortunately was nothing special for those who may love to watch horror films regularly.  Good film, okay horror.

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Hush rating: 61%



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