Happy Death Day 2U

What is Happy Death Day 2U about?

Happy Death Day 2U is a horror film that continues its story line onwards from the previous of the two films, Happy Death Day. In this one though, the story begins where Carter’s (Tree Gelbman’s boyfriend) room mate realises that he is living the same day twice. He tells Carter, and both Carter and Tree are able to help (as Tree has experienced this before in the first film). They then realise that there are actually two of him, and that one has to die in order to continue time as normal. After a fight, Tree then goes back to repeating the same day that she was repeating in the first horror film, Happy Death Day. They all work together to solving this predicament once more, but unlike the first film, this world has slightly different aspects to it, including some changes that may make her want to stay. Will she decide to go back to how things were before? How does she fix this problem the second time around? Watch the horror film Happy Death Day 2U to find these answers out!

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

When we realised that this was incredibly similar to the first of the two films, we were kind of disappointed. But in their defence, this was quite an entertaining film. We can’t rank it high though, because it really, really was not scary, but it was fun to watch. If you are a passionate horror lover, then you can go without watching this film. But if you quite like chick flick type films, then you’ll probably enjoy it. They somehow managed to create the same film twice, with different twists and add ons and it wasn’t actually too painful to watch. We repeat though, NOT AT ALL SCARY. 


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