Hobo with a shotgun

What is Hobo with a shotgun about?

Hobo with a shotgun is a horror film that is about a homeless man who is fed up of all of the terror and violence in his city, and decides to fight back and take out the people responsible for damaging his area of living. These people that are responsible for damaging his town, are some of the cruellest of the cruel. They use incredibly violent methods in order to show that they are intimidating. This involves flame throwing a bus full of children, chopping off a man’s head through a drain and much, much more. Does the hobo with a shotgun manage to bring back his town to a place he loves? Watch it to find out.

Would horror film lovers enjoy this film?

Hobo with a Shotgun is such a fun and entertaining horror film to watch. The first time we saw it we fell in love with it. The film is incredibly sadistic, gory and gruesome, but in all of the best ways. If you are having friends over, or just simply choosing a great film to keep you entertained, then we highly, highly recommend this film. It definitely does not get the recognition that it deserves. The way that Hobo with a Shotgun has been directed, as well as the cinematography methods used, are such an entertaining way to keep us so gripped within the enjoyable horror film. Just be aware though, it is a very gory film, so if you don’t like gore and violence, then you won’t like this film!

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Hobo with a shotgun rating: 86%



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