What is Hostel about?

The horror film Hostel focuses on two guys who are travelling through Europe that stumble across someone who tell them a better location in order to get laid. They of course pursue this and end up becoming victims of a secret underground torture business and are used as victims which someone has paid for to hurt. They try their hardest to escape this cruel place. But the question is, do they manage to get away? How cruel really are the torturers here? Watch the Hostel horror film to find out these answers.

Would horror film lovers enjoy this film?

This film genuinely is entertaining, and we can see how it may not be for some horror lovers (as gore is pretty much the only element of fear in the film) but how other horror film fanatics may enjoy watching it. Here at Eff Your Review we personally really enjoyed watching Hostel, and thought that the story line was well put together, the directing was well done and the actors were really good in this. We would say that if you are a horror lover like ourselves, then this could definitely be a good film choice to watch if you are all out of horror films to see. However, there are many better horror films out there, even in terms of gore horror films there are far better ones to choose from. However, for a “fun” horror to just put on and watch to gore out on, this will most likely satisfy you. This film is currently not on Netflix, but you can watch Hostel through Amazon instead.

Eff Your Review
Hostel rating: 64%



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